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Chazanovich, Tel Aviv
Intersection of Chazanovich, Salame Road and Chlenov Streets, Tel Aviv

A new residential complex where 3 new residential buildings will be built. As part of the project, the company will demolish 6 old residential buildings and build 3 new buildings in their place with over 100 units and commercial areas. The complex is carefully planned, taking into account the unique urban character of South Tel Aviv. The project will offer a diverse mix of 50-70 sq.m. apartments and will include parking in an automatic parking facility.

Project Status (12 stages)

This project is in stage 7


Lot area: 2000 sq.m.

Offered areas: 7,240 square meters for living above a commercial floor.

Economic-social value:

  • A mix that includes small residential units adapted for young people and young families along the light rail line.
  • Long-term rental model, with the aim of reducing the shortfall in rental properties.
  • Aiming to adopt rental model, which allows low-income tenants to integrate into the urban fabric.
  • Financing options and a model that includes rent to ownership.

NBS is working with the authorities, aiming  to allocate some of the residential units for long-term rental and limited leasing 10% of the rental apartments will be rented at 50% of the full amount, to education, welfare and health workers.

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