Haim Haviv 3, Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem
Urban regeneration

Pinui Binui (vacating the property and new construction) complex for the construction of a 29-story residential tower, with an area of ​​more than one dunam allocated next to it for a public park. The project is situated on the light rail route in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood of Jerusalem. As part of the project, the existing tenants will benefit from upgraded apartments in a new, high-quality building. The company operates in the complex in cooperation with Mimushim Limited.

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Project Status (12 stages)

This project is in stage 4


Plot area: 2,508 sq.m
Residential units: 150 (approx. 20,850 sqm)
Commercial: N/A
Public Use: 1,030 sqm for a public park
Project architect: Guy Igra Architects
Legal firm: Ben Zur Corb & Co.


Economic-social value:

• Construction on the light rail route.

• 280 sq.m. allocated for construction of a 130 sq.m. nursery and 150 sq.m. for community use.

• Development of a public park in an area of over one dunam.

• 10% of the project’s profits will be reinvested in the construction, neighborhood or wider community.

• The company is working with the authorities to allocate some of the residential units for long-term rentals and capped rent.

• The company is aiming to adopt innovative models for purchasing an apartment and making the ownership of an apartment accessible to different sections of the population.

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