Our team

Our company’s multi-disciplinary approach is unique in the industry. We ensure our teams reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work and that all employees reflect the company’s values in everything they do
Each member of our senior team brings unparalleled expertise to drive the success of our projects
Daniel researches the building blocks of society – education, community, and housing. He connects dots and aligns interests among stakeholders through collaborative and creative problem solving. Daniel is intent on addressing the housing crisis in Israel. He holds graduate degrees in Public Policy and Education.

Dov has a rich background in business and finance. He served as the CFO at Leo Schachter Diamonds, the leading Israeli diamond exporter for over 40 years, and grew the global distribution in Asia. With experience in empowering local communities in Southern Africa, Dov focuses on the ESG elements of the housing crisis in Israel. Dov is a licensed CPA

  Yehuda sees value and opportunity where others don’t. He has extensive    experience in initiating and promoting projects, with an emphasis on urban renewal and working in cooperation with all the professionals involved in the entrepreneurial process. Yehuda is a member of several non-pro-profit
organizations, served as a director in private and public companies in Israel  and  abroad.

Yehuda holds a BA and MBA in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Risk Management.

Avi Adelsberg graduated  University of Maryland in 2012, obtained his CPA license and worked at KPMG New York in the Real Estate & Construction division. For the past 7 years, Avi has been a partner in his family office concentrating on investments in commercial real estate and lending as well as having a sizable investment portfolio of several other operating and non-real estate businesses.

Eylon leads the group in fulfilling its vision of being the first address for tenants, municipal authorities, planners and executors. Eylon has extensive knowledge in process management, financing, Public Policy and Education. Eylon is a licensed attorney and holds a dual bachelor degree in Law and Accounting and a Master’s degree in Law with a specialization in Real Estate.

Ruth worked for a decade in a large investments group in Milan and Madrid. Previously she served as a sub-editor in a large technology  communications group and managed an art gallery.  Ruth held several senior administrative  positions in various companies of lifestyle, real estate and international trade.  Ruth holds a bachelor’s degree in Art.

Yoni brings rich experience in financial management in public/private companies, in diverse real estate fields: profitable and residential and has accompanied companies in carrying out large-scale projects.

Yoni is also experienced in accompanying real estate transactions in significant volumes from banking and non-banking entities.

Yoni is a certified CPA, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration

Dafna brings an integration of knowledge and broad experience in planning, design, and leading large/small scopes projects, with/within the authorities. Dafna believes in combining forces for a complete and a high-quality creation, for all parties benefit in environmental and community responsibility. Dafna holds degrees in architecture, theater and lighting design and a Master’s degree in public policy management. 


Alex brings strong organizational skills, reliability and excellence to his work managing the group’s books, providing accurate information in real time. Alex has over 20 years of experience, and prior to his work at NBS, he worked as a leading bookkeeper in a CPA firm. Alex is a licensed tax advisor.

Dana was qualified as a lawyer in 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in project management in real estate and urban renewal, both as a representative of owners and as a representative of entrepreneurs. Dana brings all the skills and lessons learned over the years to ensure that the company operates legally in the most correct, professional and efficient manner while believing that the success of a project lies in the existence of excellent relations between all  transaction’s parties.

Gili manages the Yad Hatisha project in Herzliya, the largest urban regeneration project in the country, comprising 5,500 residential units, a large range of commercial and employment areas, as well as public and educational institutions. Gili works in a close collaboration with Y.H. Dimri – our partners in this project. Gilli is a licensed appraiser and has extensive knowledge in project management, starting with locating, planning, building up to its completion and its maintenance as a profitable asset.

David manages the Duran urban regeneration project in South Tel Aviv. He maintains long term personal relationships with the tenants and the service providers. David is a licensed relator and is  specialized in the area of south Tel Aviv

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