Our Work Process

Preliminary Stage (6 months)

• Present a conceptual plan for the neighborhood

   to the local authority, the residents and/or other

   landowners (in combination deal)

• Establish housing and residents’ committees


• Nominate residents’ lawyers

• Contractual agreement with residents

• Contractual agreement with local authority

Master Planning (up to 2 years)

• Building the project team

• Community mapping and deep research and

   analysis of stakeholders’ needs (residents and

   or other landowners / authority / surrounding


• Building a statutory work plan and business plan

• Submitting and approving a detailed zoning plan

Detailed planning (1-2 years)

• Constructing a community, social and educational


• Promoting a master plan and urban planning 

• Translating the residents’ and authorities needs

   into the architectural plans

• Submitting and approving building permits

• Developing social and community projects

 Implementation and execution: 3-4 years

• Construction of public buildings and residential


• Implementing the social community plan

 Long-term relationship development 

Our Stakeholders

We believe successful projects are built on strong partnerships. We work in close collaboration with various entities in every sector. We collaborate by engaging with all the stakeholders upfront to create value for everyone, especially when working on urban renewal projects. 

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