Building what matters

NBS Israel is a real estate development group developing residential and mixed-use projects throughout Israel with 7,000 + residential units under planning and construction.  Founded in 2010, the group specializes in complex urban regeneration projects.

Building Neighborhoods

At NBS, we are committed to achieving positive outcomes for the neighborhoods we develop and for their residents.

Building Opportunity

We are a leading innovator in developing quality mixed-income and market-rate housing, while simultaneously strengthening the neighborhoods in which we work.

We ensure the highest levels of environmental responsibility and strive for LEED certification in all our developments. We also invest 10% of the profit of each urban regeneration development in its local community.  Whether keeping communities secure, creating infrastructure and financing for local food banks, creating small units for young families, utilizing a large variety of rental or lease-to-own models which provide access to property for those who don’t typically have it, or investing in facilities for the neighborhood, how we build is a reflection of our values as people and as a company.

Building Relationship

Our strong long-term relationships with municipalities, financial institutions, government agencies and community organizations are key to the success of every project. Building What Matters is more than a slogan for us. It’s our way of doing business. We develop in Neighborhoods by Building Society. That’s NBS. Each member of our multi-disciplinary team brings strong expertise to drive the success of our projects.

Building Impact

It’s not every day you can find a place where doing things right overlaps with doing your best work. But that’s exactly what NBS has been doing for over a decade. We believe in building what matters. This means ‘responsible and sustainable development’ – projects that deliver positive social, environmental, and economic impact – and it’s a core belief of the Company’s founders. This is a triple bottom line of which we are proud.

We are going through a terrible period, one of the hardest we have ever known.

The people of Israel are amid an existential battle, and will win it thanks to the unity, determination and bravery of the fighters at the front and the citizens at the home front. Our hearts go out to the soldiers and the security forces and to the families of the abducted and missing and we send our wishes for a full recovery to all the injured. Our sincere condolences to the families of the fallen.

All of us, in the NBS group, are making every effort to engage and assist the national effort and at the same time manage a routine and continue to be at your service.

We pray for a quick and decisive end and wish for better days.

NBS Israel Group