Our Story

It all started three generations ago, with the story of a Holocaust survivor who emigrated to the US, worked in sweatshops, bought his first apartment in New York on behalf of a small community of four families and went on to create a real estate empire. This business was then managed by his son, followed by his grandson. The third generation is leveraging its US expertise to expand to Israel, advancing a sustainable social agenda together with a US approach to doing business.


Our approach

Social mobility results from combining all income strata in the same community. Accessible housing is only one aspect of community regeneration. In our view, public spaces should be perceived as critical assets essential for long-term neighborhood revitalization.

NBS’s mission is to consider the comprising components of the residents’ living environment. At the beginning of the project, the company engages stakeholders to understand and map the various needs, the neighborhood, and the municipal authority. These needs are then expressed in the project’s vision, plans and reflected in the architecture.

At NBS, we understand quality of life is not limited to the renovation of the apartment or the quality of the building. Our approach is based on a proven international model that constructs cooperation between the public sector and the business sector and has improved residents’ quality of life by integrating innovation in various fields: housing; public spaces, the environment, education, culture, and sports.

We build partnerships by explicitly engaging with direct and indirect stakeholders with the aim of creating value for everyone. To this end, we reinvest 10% of the profit of each urban regeneration development back into its local community.

At NBS we operate with a great deal of intention – minds, hearts, and hands dedicated to doing things the right way. We believe these convictions should be apparent in the design and functioning of our buildings, even when they are expressed differently from neighborhood to neighborhood. Our work is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 11 – developing sustainable cities and communities; SDG 10 – reducing inequalities; SDG7 and SDG13 – green building and energy conscious construction.

We strive to manifest all these aspects – working with the utmost professionalism, reliability, and humanity to fulfill them. The outcomes are revitalized communities with greater access to educational, recreational, and economic opportunities – enabling people from every background to thrive. Because when our society is strong, we are too.

Our values

How we build is reflected in our values as people and as a company. Our work rests on strong foundations of professionalism, transparency and reliability.

Our mission

Building strong, sustainable communities where
all people prosper.

Innovators in Urban Regeneration in Israel

Established in 2010, the NBS Group specializes in originating large residential and commercial projects throughout the country in the field of Pinui Binui or urban regeneration (vacating the property and new construction). 

NBS is committed to building economically diverse communities by developing mixed income and mixed-use buildings in metropolitan areas throughout Israel. Presently the company is promoting, planning, zoning, and constructing over 7,000 residential units and over 300,000 sq. meters of commercial space.

Building sustainable communities

creating lasting change
Today, neighborhoods in Israel are divided according to income. This leads to increased economic inequality, depriving populations of access to adequate cultural, educational, employment, and health infrastructure in public spaces. It’s the opposite of how we envisage building Israeli society.

To create lasting change, we believe in enabling diverse social and community groups and populations at different income levels to live in the same residential areas, where they can benefit from a variety of housing solutions and community services.

People first

Real estate is first and foremost a business of people. We see the human factor at every step of the way. we measure value creation on several levels – beyond direct financial profit. Our goal is to build neighborhoods and communities where people will want to live thanks to their positive social, economic and environmental value. 


We are meticulous at all stages of the project, starting from the planning stage, down to the smallest details – working in collaboration with municipalities, financial institutions, government agencies, community organizations and all stakeholders.


We create infrastructures that connect everything – from welfare, to education, public spaces, employment, and health.


We work with integrity, accountability, and respect – building trust and partnership among the various stakeholders. 

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